What People say about our services:

Out of town executor Detailed endorsement

"Kathy helped me move from a 3-bedroom townhouse to a 1-bedroom apartment over 500 miles away. Having lived in the townhouse for 19+ years, I had difficult decisions to make about what to keep. Kathy organized the entire process and facilitated my focusing on decisions about what to keep, give to charity, or throw away. The decisions were at times emotional, so having her there to assist really aided the process. I could not have done it without her help. Not only did she organize, she also did a great job packing my possessions with care, assisting with donations to charity and processing things to throw away. I highly recommend Kathy Randall. She is professional in organizing, packing and understanding the emotions involved with caring for one's possessions." ...Allyson L

"My relatives were quite impressed with all you had done, especially when they saw the before photos. Thank you so much for all your help, it was very much appreciated." ...Beth L.

"We get more done when we work with you rather than left to our own good intentions! Thank you for your help clearing out the extra stuff from our lifetime of collecting." ...Mary L.

"You are truly the answer to my prayers. The best part of all this is that my Aunt is really taking ownership of the project and seems to be pleased with herself. So wonderful! I appreciate your expertise and the tender way you handle her." ...Cathie F.

"What an angel you have been! Mom & Dad moved to the town where I live. We needed the house cleared out to ready it for sale. The support and help to the whole family while clearing out the house was amazing. You handled many more things than we intially asked for and did it all with a smile on your face." ...Robyn P.

"There aren't words to describe how gracious you have been with me. Obviously you put your heart into the services you provide. Your value to me is so great, there is no way I could pay your true worth." ...Helen C.

"I think you have a gift for working with hoarders - especially by way of phrasing questions so they do not seem overwhelming. I felt there was already respect for the client" ...Sr. J.

"Very flexible, she understood what was needed more than I did." ...Bethany B.