Office Move Services


Your office has decided to move. There are several issues to address. Three of the major issues are:

Who will handle the move?

Most offices do not have an extra person or people to direct the move. Did you know 78% of the Office Managers assigned the additional responsibility of an office move are fired within 12 months of the move? This stems from a “dropping the ball” event concerning either the move or their office management duties.

Do you know how much time it will take?

Your estimate of how much personnel time will be consumed by the move will be short. Moves always consume more time than planned. Without specific guidance and direction staff time working on a move can easily double.

Critical transition point

Coordination of moving your equipment and services is critical for the least amount of business down time. Specifically computer and phone take-downs and set-ups are critical to a smooth transition.

What The Randall Company can do

Depending on your needs and budget:

I have several successful office move experiences during my 30+ years as an employee in the business world. I am happy to report, each time I was in the 22% of Office Managers who retained their job!

Give me a call. Together we can work out a plan for the smooth relocation of your office.

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