Hoarding Services

"I think you have a gift for working with hoarders - especially by way of phrasing questions so they do not seem overwhelming. I felt there was already a respect for the client. There was no waste of the client's time and an unhesitating commitment to hard work! - Sister Joan."

How The Randall Company works with hoarders:

Respect for the client and the dignity of the client are paramount. There are never any put-downs, snide comments, gasps or expressions of amazement. Our goal is to make the living quarters safe, healthy and functional. Together with the client determinations are made:

  • Have the client determine what are their most important possessions.
  • Establish boundaries for decisions which need to be made.
  • Establish an agreement on articles of little value (junk mail, old newspapers, old magazines, out dated food, etc) which can be discarded.
  • All piles, bags and boxes are carefully gone through. Appropriate determinations are made on what needs to be kept, shredded or donated/recycled.
  • Teamwork is established, the client being one of the team members. De-cluttering work and clearing out is done with the client.
  • Referrals to professional counseling when appropriate and/or requested.
  • References for additional cleaning services, trash removal, or handyman repair services may be required.

Hoarding Examples:

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