Hints for Organizing Your Home:

1. Create a plan

Go through each room. Write down what “bugs” you in that room. No paragraphs, no sentences, just comments are fine.

  • What do you want to change about the room?
  • Is there enough storage?
  • Are the bookshelves too cluttered?
  • Are the drawers overflowing?
  • What about the closets – are the rods and shelves crammed?
  • Are the wrong things being “collected” in this room?
  • Is there too much furniture in the room?
  • Can the location/arrangement be changed to more easily to access the most often used items?

2. Decide where to start

  • Make a detailed list.
  • Rank the tasks by what is important to you – is there one you want to complete first?
  • Start in a room where jobs can be divided into smaller tasks
  • Choose one drawer, cupboard or closet to begin with.
  • In your own bedroom, start with one you see first thing in the morning
  • In the kitchen, one you use each morning
  • When addressing multiple years of collection, focus on the current stuff first. Don’t attack the trunk full of photos until you have sorted the ones taken this year. When you are up-to-date, go back to the older items.

3. Take action

  • Do you have a deadline for any of the rooms/projects listed?
  • Delegate to other family members some of the tasks. Understanding the time it takes to straighten out the clutter will give them “ownership” in the newly organized home.
  • Pick a date and time. Write it on your family calendar and allow no interruptions or distractions.
  • Take a short break at least once an hour. Add enticing drinks or snacks for family members. Remember to keep it SHORT!

4. Be realistic

  • Perfection is not a requirement! Know that you and your helpers will make some mistakes. Be patient with each other.
  • The first organizing session will not cure everything. Any improvement is a step forward!
  • Be content to focus on small visible changes.
  • Enjoy crossing off the list what you have accomplished

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